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Why engage an expert? 

An IPO will consume most every moment for many months. Every element needs to be planned and squared away before the prospectus is even lodged. Your IPO has to be successful before it opens. An IPO that lodges a prospectus without an understanding of who will invest how much has already failed.

Your IPO will be larger, more viable and more successful if you engage an experienced professional to help co-ordinate your program, engage with key stakeholders and drive the marketing elements of the float.

This support can help you generate synergies by enabling everyone involved in the IPO to focus on their particular areas of strength. That frees you to focus on those specific areas that have the largest pay-offs - which is finding more investors to invest more money.

The best chance for success that you can give the company is to invest in a properly organised, fully planned and professionally co-ordinated IPO campaign.

Appointing an expert to work with you during some or all of the stages of your IPO is just good business sense.

A solution to many problems

ICS can co-ordinate some or all parts of your IPO- from start to finish, depending on your needs.

We offer:

  • A fully supported IPO
  • Experts working exclusively on your IPO leading into, during and after the IPO
  • Co-ordinating the key stakeholders through the IPO marketing process
  • On call and available 24 hours x 7. There is no down time in an IPO

To discuss how we might be able to help your company, please contact us. Your confidentiality is assured.

What Investment Company Services can do for your IPO?


  • An IPO marketing strategy and business plan
  • Strategy for discovery on potential take-up rates from existing client bases
  • Involvement with preliminary/ pathfinder presentations to brokers and key clients
  • Advice on broker selection and terms
  • Advice on company structuring
  • Support during Board meetings, DDC meetings and ASX and ASIC representations
  • Production of all promotional materials- Logo, Prospectus, Presentations, Flyers, Video interviews, , Electronic Advertising, Website
  • Report produced by recognised research house
    • providing support from Initiation to Review to Draft to Final Report
    • maximising value of report with adviser groups and known LIC users
  • Advertising design and production
  • Print and electronic including tile adverts
  • A fully operational, pre-populated Website
    • Featuring content, articles, newsletters, video, visuals
    • SEO optimised
    • Enquiry capture
    • Google analytics and reporting
  • Prospectus design and production
  • Prospectus printing and delivery
  • Logistics liaison - ie ShareRegistry, Web designers, BPay functionality
  • Widespread media publicity - print and electronic media plus Industry media
  • Outbound telephone campaign to your lists – brokers, advisers, investors and shareholders
  • Continual updating of adverts, web banners, e-signatures, website and prospectus...always “launch-ready” and compliant
  • Advertising that targets specific investors, including eDMs and mass recipient campaigns
  • Introduction to specific groups to target- names and contact details
  • Database access to thousands of adviser emails and phone numbers
  • Capacity to generate shareholder spread
  • Capital raising services- finding investors
  • Post listing strategy and business plan
  • Ability to become a client for on-going marketing and investor relations- aimed at getting Options exercised
Invest in a professionally planned IPO campaign

It's what we do. So you can do what you do best.


We have been involved in many IPOs and can help you take your company from an idea to a successful listing.

The main distribution channels in an IPO are known investors, SMSFs, financial advisers, stock brokers, researchers, media, investor associations and the general investing public. All of these channels have multiple parties within, each with different touch points and needs that require specific strategies to manage.

Having been involved with many IPOs we have worked with the key people across all of these channels and knows what works well and what doesn't.

We know which brokers and which advisers cover LICs, who invests in them and who talks about them. We know the best ways to allocate precious resources to those areas that will generate the widest coverage, publicity and awareness.

Engaging ICS will free you to focus on high-level objectives and portfolio management, comfortable in the knowledge that the IPO is working towards achieving its objectives.

The end result is a successful IPO that raises more money from more investors than would have otherwise been obtained.