Significant Investors Visa

Significate Investors Visa

Investment Company Services understand the SIV very well, and has many relationships in China and Australia- extending to State and Commonwealth government departments, immigration agents, lawyers and fund managers.

ICS can provide introductions to some of the best investment managers to satisfy the PE/VC and Microcap investment requirements of the SIV.


Amongst particular benefits, we may be able to obtain access into funds closed to new investors, or accessing a lower fee than would be achieved if contacting the manager directly or through other sources.

Expanding into Australia

Significate Investors Visa

Investment Company Services provides specialised services to Asian investors and companies looking to grow their business empire into Australia.

We specialise in joining our clients with like-minded professionals who offer particular skills and services across corporate advisory and M&A services, asset management and advisory including taxation, audit and assurance.


We also assist companies seeking to list on a recognised Australian Securities Exchange and with their shareholder and investor communications after listing.

ICS has very good relationships with recognised securities exchange, legal, accounting and broking houses.

Our Commitment to our Clients

Significate Investors Visa

Our clients' needs and expectations are exceeded and they always receive the highest level of personal service, with the strictest of confidentiality assured.

To achieve we are very selective with who we take on as a client and the services we provides them.

Before ICS will accept a client, we spend time with them to understand their needs to identify their relationship, servicing and information requirements. We then tailor our services according to their instruction and their needs.

We have learned that no two clients are the same, some clients have very particular requirements, and trust and discretion are at the heart of the relationship.

Those who become clients of Investment Company Services enjoy a superior relationship with us, confident they are receiving the best service available and properly positioned to achieve specific objectives.

Important Note: from 2015 Investment Company Services will only accept new clients via referral.