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Engaging the investment community.


Investment Company Services (ICS) is a solution for the listed company that wants to grow that does not want to employ full time staff.

For a fraction of the cost of a Communications/ Distribution manager we can provide your company with a highly skilled professional that will grow your company's shareholder base and enhance its share price value by engaging shareholders and the investment community.

As a client of ICS you will be promoted by some of the most capable and experienced people in the wealth management industry, experienced in all facets of LICs and investor relations.

Your company will be continually promoted to stakeholders including shareholders, media, investor's associations, stockbrokers, financial planners, family offices, SMSF trustees and general investors and also represented at industry conferences appearing more visible, relevant and successful to the market.

It will then be in a better positioned to see its options exercised or approach the market to raise capital.

You can learn more about the services ICS can provide your company by contacting us today. All discussions are in the strictest confidence.


IPO marketing services


  • Promoting your company across Australia
  • Speaking to investor groups
  • Visiting and presenting to financial planners, stockbrokers and family offices
  • Input on ASX releases
  • Managing media relations
  • Producing company presentations
  • Obtaining research reports on the company
  • Article writing and distribution
  • Obtaining speaking slots at conferences and investor days
  • Representation at conferences and investor days
  • Video production for use in media, website and shareholder communications
  • Providing high quality web and app interface for shareholders
  • Website SEO optimisation and analytics
  • Desktop publishing and creative for articles, newsletters, media releases, half year and annual reports
  • Content production of key communication kits- Folders, brochures, information sheets, promotional materials
  • Reporting on competitors and the market
  • Analysis of share registry and strategies to fully utilise shareholders
  • Developing and executing strategies to see options exercised
  • Raising capital
  • AGM strategies- voting and resolution oriented


It's not just what you say, it's how you say it.

Most companies maintain contact with their larger shareholders through regular phone calls, letters, emails and dinners. Positive relationships with these ensures smooth AGMs where all resolutions are passed.

What most companies lack is information about the remaining 95% of shareholders...

  • Why did they originally invest in the company?
  • Do they want Capital Growth or Dividends?
  • How important is Franking to them?
  • Are they likely to vote?
  • How will they vote?
  • Can we approach them for capital?
  • Will they invest in a new IPO?

Understanding all of your register, and engaging shareholders in their particular “investor language” is the key to shareholder satisfaction and growing the company.

ICS employs a sociologist to provide further insight into your company's share registry. We can help your company tailor its communications to best satisfy shareholders psychological needs from their investment.

It's not just what you say, it's how you say it.

Some of our service offerings:

  • Analyse and interpret data in order to enhance the understanding of your company's share registry, email open rates and website analytics.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate methods of data collection, such as questionnaires, surveys or interviews.
  • Plan and conduct research to develop new product and test likely shareholder participation in capital initiatives.
  • Collect data about the attitudes, values, and behaviours of shareholders, using observation, interviews, and review of documents.
  • Prepare publications and reports containing research findings and suggested strategies for specific initiatives.